Beat the Heat with our New Frozen Snack!!!

Nathaniel's Buko Pandan Salad

New Product from Barrio Fiesta

Posted 6/20/2016

Barrio Fiesta Sauteed Shrimp Paste

Sweet Chili


Barrio Fiesta Sauteed  Shrimp Paste

with Garlic Bits

This new product are great for your Handaan, Picnics and a lot more. So hurry and go to your favorite Filipino store 

(Exclusively Distributed by CEE Enterprises, Inc.)


                                        New Item ready for snacking!!!

                                Chivalry Dried Squid (Pusit) Ready to eat

                                                            Posted 6/17/2016


Coco Banana Biscotti


                         For the month of  January & February           


# San Miguel Magnolia Chocolait  buy 10 get 1 for free

# San Miguel Corned Beef buy 10 get 1 for free

# San Miguel Luncheon Meat buy 10 get 1 for free

# Boy Bawang buy any 10 get free 1 Boy Bawang Little Giant or 1 Nuts Incredible

# Lala Crakers buy any 5 get free 1 Lala Tempura

# San Marino buy any 5 get 1 free

# Saba products buy 5 get 1 free Saba Sardines small or 1 Saba Squid in Soy Sauce small

# Green Leaves Essence buy 5 get 1 free

# Green Leaves Mixes buy 5 get 2 Green Leaves Essence

# La Pacita Supreme Flakes in Tub buy 5 get 1 free La Pacita Prima Toast

# Jasmine Rice 25lbs. buy 50 sacks and you get a special price.



New Item Have just Arrived!!!

SeaKing Bangus (Milkfish in Bottle)


Green Leaves Microwaveable Mixes

Green Leaves Essence and Lye Water


New Item From CEE Enterprises, Inc.

Paradise Brand All Natural Ready to Drink

                                           Posted 8/27/2015


              PROMO For The Month of August & September

                              Posted 8/20/2015  


       # C2 Lemon Buy one take one free

       # Zesto Soda Buy 5 Get 1 for FREE

       # Lipa Coconut Juice Buy 10 Get 1 for FREE

       # Boy Bawang Buy 10 Get 1 Nuts Incredible for FREE

       # Oishi Chips By 5 Get 1 For FREE

       # Rebisco Cupp Keyk (Assorted)  Buy 5 Get 1 for FREE

       # Ding Dong Buy 5 Get 1 For FREE

       # Gina Juice Drinks Buy 10 Get 1 for FREE

       # San Miguel Coffee Buy 10Get One For FEE

       # Hobe Noodles Buy 5 Get 1 for FREE

       # Mama Sita BBQ Marinade 12/680ml  Buy 10 Get 1 For FREE

       # UFC Tamarind Mix Buy 5 Get 1 For FREE

       # Lady's Choice Tuna or Regular But 10 Get 1 Small Regular Spread for FREE

       # San Miguel Luncheon Meat Buy 10 Get 1 For FREE

       # San Miguel COrned Beef  Buy 10 Get 1 For FREE

                                                   Hurry While Supplies Last!!!!

                Boy Bawang Mixed Nuts and Boy Bawang Nuts                                            Entertainment Now Available!!!

                           Posted 08/182015



              New Product coming soon!!!

                   Boy Bawang Mixed Nuts and Boy Bawang Nuts Entertainment 

                   Posted 06/01/2015


               Buy any 10 of Mang Juan chips and you get 1 for free.

Posted 05/22/2015


               Buy any 10 Boy Bawang 100g (Except 500g) take 1 any Boy Bawang 100g for free free.

               Posted 05/11/2015



               Buy 5 Wow Mani Peanuts and Garlic 100g and take 1 for free.

               Posted 05/11/2015



               For a limited time only Buy any 5 of Magnolia Cheddar Cheese, Magnolia Cheesee Block, Magnolia Quickmelt and Star                              Margarine you will get 1 free Magnolia Quickmelt.

               Posted 05/11/2015




               Buy any 5 HOBE and you get 1 for free while supplies last.

Posted 05/11/2015



Buy 1 case of Magnolia Quickmelt and take your 2nd case 50% off!!!  For a limited time only. Hurry while supplies last.

Posted on 03/04/2015


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               Posted on 03/04/2015 


Attention Shoppers!

CEE-ENTERPRISE has the only and exclusive distribution of San Miguel Corned Beef in the East Coast

Posted on 02/26/2015